Ibogaine for the World Conference

The planet’s eco-stress levels are rapidly increasing; human stress levels are pandemic. We are ravaging the earth of its valuable plant molecules faster than they can be replenished. Climate change is starting to take its toll. The lessons are there – they always have been. The medicine is there – it always has been.
The Iboga tree is sacred and should not be sacrificed for the sins of man. It must not become The Giving Tree which gives until it is no more. The Torah teaches: “you shalt not destroy the trees … for they are food for you, but you shall not cut them down; for is the tree of the field like a human?” (Deut. 20:19, this week’s Torah reading). Read not “food” but “medicine”

ReaGenics is building a platform to harvest the medicine of the plant world without damaging the plants. Plant biotechnology allows the reversion of fully differentiated cells back to stem cells and then propagate these cells in proprietary bioreactors. This is a non-GMO method, and yields the natural molecules, i.e. non-synthetic. We have succeeded producing mescaline, cannabinoids, LSA, functional proteins, natural colorants, and are presently working to produce ibogaine from iboga seeds.

Hear more at the Ibogaine for the World Free Conference
Sept 8-10, 2022, 10am to 5 pm UTC+2, Online and in Amsterdam